What is at Times Square?

Times Square in New York City – A Tourist’s Playground

Perhaps the greatest commercial intersection in the entire world, Times Square in New York City is filled with bright lights and big business. Times Square, which is located in Midtown Manhattan, has been referred to as the crossroads of the world. Admired for its cutting edge visual splendor, Times Square in New York has become a tourist attraction as great as any in the world. The bright lights and advertisements hover over consumers as they pass by and for companies, getting advertisement space in Times Square is a major step in growing your consumer sales.

Things to Do in Times Square

Times Square in New York is known best for its annual ball drop each year on New Year’s Eve. People from all over the world arrive in New York to visit Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Times Square in New York City has become synonymous with New Year’s Eve and spectators watching television often tune into broadcasts to follow the pageantry and ball drop at Times Square. Times Square is home to many major business landmarks such as One Astor Plaza, New York Times Tower, Paramount Theatre, and the Bank of America Tower, just to name a few. Times Square is often featured in movies that are set in New York. This is done to remind the viewer of the setting, and perhaps nothing is as identifiable as Times Square in New York.

Times Square has a wealth of things to do and see such as the MTV Studio, the Naked Cowboy who plays a guitar in nothing but his underwear and cowboy boots, the Hershey Store, Bubba Gump Shrimp and so much more. Times Square is packed full of restaurants, shops, theaters and sidewalk vendors that you’ll really need several days to truly see and do all there is available in Times Square.

Times Square an American Landmark

Times Square has evolved a great deal since the early parts of the 1900’s. It continues to evolve with each passing decade. As the corporate world evolves, nothing is more indicative of what is current and hip than Times Square in New York. As business evolves, Times Square evolves with it. It is a major American landmark and it will continue to be for a very long time. Times Square, in many ways, represents the current identity of corporate America, and because of all the fantastic and cutting edge technology, business landmarks and entertainment options in and near Times Square, it is a must see for any avid traveler.

Make sure you visit Times Square on your New York City Break or New York Musical Break

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